Diabetic episode

How to tell if someone is having a diabetic episode?

Some signs are so subtle you will really need to know the person well. It can be as subtle as how they are breathing, are they wrestled when sleeping, complaining of being tiered, knowing if they are actually tiered or having a low. Their eyes and lips may be a little purple, complaining of being hungry when they have just eaten an hour ago or less. If they stare for a long time at the same thing having glazed look about them, you feel you can see right through them. There is nobody home.

They talk nonsense. Repeat the same question over and over. What day is it? They are confused. Turn on the hot tap instead of cold and they swear they know what they are doing.

They sweat, they feel cold. This is there body shutting down.

They could be having a low and still walking around.

A diabetic can become combative, best thing to do in this situation is leave them alone try again in 3 minutes or so. Calm yourself down have some water yourself and try to get an Up and Go into them again. Don’t argue with them I know it’s hard. Remember they may not be aware of what they are saying or doing. Just keep them from hurting themselves and others. They have to work on calming themselves down too give them a chance.

Sometimes they don’t say anything and just by being next to them your gut says something is not right. Then you put two and two together.

Best thing I have learnt is to stay calm ok it took me years and years and years. Pricking in the ear has been the easiest way to get blood and thank god for Up and Go. It beats trying to get honey or even a spoon full of sugar down someone’s throat when they are semi-conscious and fighting you. Once you get the Up and Go into them it can take 10 min before they come good again.

Thank God for the Up and Go and ear pin pricks.


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