Outlook – Time Management

You can send and receive messages, reply and send attachments, but what you really need is some tips on how to deal with the overwhelming load of emails that come through the door day after day, you can’t stop them all but you can use a few Outlook features to help you manage them better like:

Rules: If my name is in the CC box then move to the CC folder. CC means Carbon Copy – FYI, its something you can read later.
Do Not Save: Add the Do Not Save command button to the Quick Access Toolbar in your new Messages.
Turn on Conversations
Clean Up Folder: 
If you keep your messages intact by reply rather than creating a response from a fresh message. The clean and Conversations features will make the deletion of unnecessary history emails easy. Just double check it has not moved a message that has an attachment you wish to keep to the Deleted Items when using this feature.
Re label a Subject:Some times its necessary to re label the subject in an email to make it easier to search by later. This does break the history chain with conversations.
Custom Flags: Use Custom Flags to make notes for yourself about the email.

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