Windows Calculator More Than The Standard

I’m sure we have all needed a calculator at one point or another, whether it be a physical calculator or one from our Mobile phones. Using the calculator from our computers is also very handy but I’m sure most of us have just stuck to the Standard Calculator. Well I was playing around with the Windows Operating System and checking out new features of Windows 10 like Windows Workspace and the Calculator. I noticed on the top left-hand corner there were 3 horizontal lines which means Menus options when using various apps, that’s where I found a huge list of what the Window Calculator can do. It has Scientific, Programmer, Date Calculation, Converter, Currency, Volume, Length and more. If I need to know how much $100 Australian dollar is in Euro I would usually Google it. Sure, that works too. Its just often we have things right in front of us but just don’t have the time to explore.

Like in Microsoft Excel and in fact in all the Microsoft Office Suite the Format Painter which is a tool that will replicate the formatting attributes on to other text for you. However, most people only know to Click the Format Painter ONCE, when in fact if you need to apply the same formatting multiple times you DOUBLE CLICK the Format Painter. This is right in front of your face. If you HOVER don’t click on the Format Painter whether you are in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook any Microsoft Office Application you will see right at the bottom it says FYI: To apply the formatting in multiple places, double-click Format Painter.

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