Filtering Data Using Microsoft Excel

We can use Microsoft Excel when dealing with long lists. There are several techniques you can use to achieve this. One is to Go to the Data Tab and Select the Filter button the Second option is to activate from the Home tab and Select Filter. Whilst the Filter tool is useful and will show you only the data that you are interested in. It also has the sort feature built into it under the Drop-down arrows.

This however will not turn on the Freeze Pane, add colour to every second row, turn on total row allow you to quickly and easily add a range name to the table. Try using Format as Table feature found under the Home tab next to Conditional Formatting. It’s great with Pivot tables if your data is continuously being added to. Visit my blog on ” Format As Table Feature In Excel

Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel are use when working with large lists of data. If you find yourself needing to summarize and product financial reports, try Pivot Tables. They are not as complicated as they first look. Visit my blog on “How To Create A Simple Pivot Table In Excel“. If you have over 100 columns of data try creating a Vlookup to represent five or 10 columns of data that you will be refining by then create your Pivot Table from this. If your lookup value is located in the middle of set of data try using two functions the Index function with two match functions for the Row and Column inputs.

To make it easier to follow your functions you might like to create Range Name. Names that represent a range of cells then use that name in your function. Like the Table components of the Vlookup Function.

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