Using Sections In PowerPoint To Divide Categories Or Presenters

Sections in PowerPoint allow you to separate context. PowerPoint courses Sydney. Excel Courses Sydney.

PowerPoint has a feature under the Home tab called “Sections” this allows you to break up a large set of PowerPoint Slides “decks” into manageable easy to find context. Especially handy when collaborating with co-workers. The great thing about these sections is that they are collapsible, simply click on the triangle to reveal the slides below. When in its collapsed state a number appears to indicate the number of slides within that section.

Sections in PowerPoint are easy to modify. Right mouse click on a section to rename, delete, move up or down, collapse or expand. You can remove a section without losing your slide by right mouse clicking on the section and selecting – “remove section”. There is the choice to remove both the section and the slides that come with it by selecting the option ” Remove Section & Slides”.

Moving sections or slides around is easy click and drag the slide or the section name to relocate it. Alternatively, you can right mouse click on the items and select to move, but seriously click and drag is a lot quicker.

When inserting or adding slides always use the slide layout provided. If none of the slides are in the configuration you need, you can always create your own through the Slide Master. If on opening a PowerPoint presentation you find the layout is out of place or someone has changed the formatting and you would like to reset it back to comply with the PowerPoint Theme, then press the Reset Layout” button found on the Home Tab. For more assistance on this feature visit my blog on ” How To Fix PowerPoint Presentation Layouts“.

How To Apply Consistent Formatting In Any Microsoft Office Application Software

Using the Format Painter is also a great way to apply consistent formatting throughout the slides. Most people tend to select the formatting then press the Format Painter only ONCE when they could be DOUBLE CLICKING it and reapplying the same formatting again and again to the text. Watch this video on the step for using the Format Painter. The concept of the Format Painter can be performed on any Microsoft Office product – Excel, Word, PowerPoint even in Outlook.

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