How To Create Basic Formulas In Microsoft Excel


All Formulas and Functions begin with =. It is the = sign that tells Excel it is going to be doing something mathematical. You will need to ensure you click in the cell you would like the answer to display in. The difference between Formulas and Functions is Formulas use symbols like on the calculator + – the multiply is the * and the divide is the / .

All Calculations Begin with =


= Cell Ref Operator Cell Ref

Order of Operations

Formulas are not worked on left to right as you might think. You must follow a specific order a rule. BODMAS is the acronym for what must be done first, second and third.

The BODMAS Order

B ( )

Exponential eg 3m2

D /

M *

A +

S –

Eg; 5+ 2 * 10 = 25

If you need 70 to be your answer

Add brackets to the formula

(5+2)*10 = 70

Watch this video for a demo on how to create a basic formula using Microsoft Excel.


Functions follow a structured and there are over 300 functions pre-defined in Microsoft Excel eg = sum (A1:A12) . When creating a function start with = then the function name followed by an open bracket, this bracket is important if you do not have it there is no function. Watch this video to demonstrate how to construct a basic function.

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