Microsoft Word Formatting Features such as Subscript

There are some tools that we can use to make it easier to express water, for example water can be written as H2O and when we talk about the weather 20 degrees Celsius can be written as 20oC, great but how is this done using Microsoft Word. Superscript is up think of Superman and Subscript is down think of a submarine. Type a capital H for the 2 it sits below the line so it’s Subscript. Go to the Home Tab and select Subscript press the Number 2 then Press Subscript again to turn it off. Now type the Capital O.

If you prefer shortcut keys then try Ctrl Shift + for Superscripts and Ctrl = for Subscripts. If you prefer a visual example view the video below.

Cleaning Up Formatting

Many times there are multiple users modifying the one document, with more sticky fingers comes more messy formatting. It can be quite time consuming to clean up after other people. Well there is just one button you need press and all your mess will be cleaned up. You will find it under the Home Tab it’s called “Clean up my mess” only kidding it’s called ” Clear All Formatting”. If this does not work for you try pressing the style for “Normal”.

Using the Show Hide symbol can be an effective way to see what others have done in terms of did they press the space bar once or twice. Did they press tab 500 times instead of using Tabs. Go to the Home tab and press the backward P looking icon about in the middle of the ribbon. When the Tab key is pressed you will see an arrow. Full Stops displaying in between words are spaces. True Full Stops will be on the bottom. Try pressing the Show Hide command on and off and notice the differences now.

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