Adding Multiple Photos To PowerPoint By Using Photo Album

A quick way to gather many memorable moments and display them quickly and easily using PowerPoint is to use a feature called Photo Album. Have ready all the photos you might like to add to the PowerPoint. You can label them 1, 2 3 etc to know which order you would like them in, or you can make that decision later on.

  1. Insert Tab
  2. Select Photo Album
  3. Select File and navigate to where all your pictures are
  4. Choose Picture Layout, Frame and Theme
  5. Select Create and wala you have a PowerPoint presentation with all your treasured photos.
  6. Just add a Transition of fade for a subtle effect.

Making A Microsoft Word Document Into A PowerPoint Presentation

In my 23 years as a facilitator I have come across the need to transfer Word documents into presentations. Let’s say someone has created a procedure using Microsoft Word and now they need to present the idea to a group. Sometimes these two tasks are compiled by two different people, as the presenter the Presentation topic “Title Slides” don’t match those in the procedures manual making it very difficult as the facilitator to follow and also have others follow with you. You can either start by creating a PowerPoint presentation and then transfer it to Microsoft Word or the other way around. To start from your Word document ensure that consistent styles have been used. Heading levels 1 and 2 will be transferred to the PowerPoint. All heading 1 levels will be the Title place holders and the heading 2 levels will become the bullets. This process isn’t with out its hiccups but certainly beats copy and paste. Visit my blog on “Make A Word Document Into A PowerPoint” for step by step details on the process.

How To Present To Multiple Audiences With Microsoft PowerPoint

If you find your self recreating the same PowerPoint presentation but then needing to remove or add slides depending on who your audience is you can use a feature called “Custom Slide Show”. You can keep all these in one PowerPoint presentation and allocate names for each of the difference audiences, there is no limit to how many you can create. Visit my blog on
How To Present To Multiple Audiences With Microsoft PowerPoint

How To Keep The Same Formatting On Shapes

I have found my self in the situation where I was working with shapes as a part of creating a word document procedures manual and I got sick and tied of crating the shape and changing the settings to red boarder line, transparent, thick boarder and same when I was working in PowerPoint. I then came a cross this feature to change the settings, so now every time I work with this PowerPoint or Word documents I can just pick the shape and all my settings are done. This has saved me so much time on a repetitive step I use to perform. Visit my blog on “Set a Shape as Default” for a step by step instruction.

Microsoft Office Small Group Training Sessions

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