Most Common Mac Shortcut Keys

The mac shortcut keys are slightly different to those on a PC. PC users press Ctrl and then a letter for example. Ctr and S to Save. A mac user can press the same keys or if that doesn’t work press Command S to Save. If you are using Microsoft Excel and you are working with Functions or Formulas you may from time to time find your self needing to perform and Absolute Cell referencing this is when you see a $ in front of the Letter $C or in front of the Number $6 or you may need it in front of both $C$6. On a PC you will press F4 as many times as you need until the dollar sign appears in front of the letter or number. However, on a MAC you will need to press Apple T this often baffles people for ages.

Mac Settings

The tricky thing with Mac shortcut keys is that you can change the settings so that F11, for example, performs a different instruction. That’s why on a PC you can select data to create a graph and Press F11 to produce a column graph onto a new sheet. However, if you do this on a Mac you will get a different instruction.

If you work in Excel with lists and you find yourself activating the Freeze Pane, Filters and Sorting, applying colour on every second row then try Format as Table Feature. The Format Painter is a great tool but most user don’t use it to its full potential refer to my previous blog on ” Apply Multiple Formatting Using Format Painter Microsoft Excel” .

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