How To Fix PowerPoint Presentation Layouts

Sometimes we open a PowerPoint Presentation and find our selves
re-aligning Layouts or tiding up the formatting to comply with the correct Design Theme. PowerPoint presentations should be constructed using the Layouts that come with the applied theme. For example “Title and Content”, “Two Content”, “Title Only”. That way when you do need to re position the Layouts back where they belong you can use the Layout command.

Below is a clear step by step guide on how to correct your PowerPoint Layouts and Reset a Layout. 

How To Re Apply A PowerPoint Layout

Provided your PowerPoint presentation has been created using the Layouts provided to you by the Design Theme, then the following will work beautifully for you. Imagine you have come a cross a slide which doesn’t look right. The Title place holder is too far to the right, you would usually manually re position the layout where you think it should go, only to find it’s still not quite right.

Re Apply A Layout In PowerPoint

  1. The best thing to do is to Press the Layout command found under the Home Tab next to the New Slide command.
  2. Choose the same Layout you had for example “Title And Content
  3. This will put the place holder back in place according to the theme you have used.
  4. Notice it has placed the placed holder back into the correct position.
  5. However the font has not conformed to the Design Theme.
  6. This may be intentional as you may want the placeholder back in the correct position but the formatting is correct. If not then use the Reset option found under the Home Tab next to New Slide command.
change layout

Reset Option

Pressing the Reset button will do two things, reset the layout to match the Design Theme you are using and make all the formatting conform as well.

You will find the Rest button in the Home Tab next to the New Slide button.


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