Excel Course


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Excel Courses
1 day course
9:00 – 4:00 pm

On Completion

  • A Certificate is emailed out with the topics covered at the back
  • Trainer notes are emailed after completion
  • Exercise files are available from the web site to download at any time

Standard Courses

Excel Introduction: Excel Intro will give you an overview of what to use excel for, how to get started using the calculations, get the formatting done and be able to print your datasheet.

Excel Intermediate: In the intermediate course you will learn how to work more efficiently with lists of data, get more complicated with functions like cross matching using the vlookup, IFError, and Match

Excel Advanced: Advanced if for regular users of excel where you will learn how to take those lists and extract summaries of data like consolidates, use pivot tables and generate macros for those annoying repetitive tasks.

Customized courses:

We also specialize in customizing courses to suite you, pick the topics that are relevant for your work environment.

Make a booking: e: info@azsolutions.com.au

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