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Excel Introduction


Excel spread sheets are the most popular because it’s so versatile. It’s not only used to crunch numbers but great for creating lists, getting statistical information, generate reports using dashboards, cross check data though the use of functions and formulas.


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Duration:1 Day (8:30 am – 3:30 pm)

Objective: To gain an understanding of the potential of Excel. Be able to create basic formulas apply formatting and print successfully.

Essential: Have Mouse Skills, an awareness of keys on keyboard e.g.: Shift, space bar, and Enter key.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the day you will be able to have an understanding of what Excel is capable of. Create your own spread sheets, apply formatting, perform basic Formulas/Functions and print.


Module 1 Getting Started: Opening an Existing Spreadsheet Using Templates Understand Compatibility Mode Getting to Know the Environment Saving.

Module 2 Navigating:  Cell Pointers Navigation Techniques Selection Techniques Freezing Panes Splitting Zoom.

Module 3 Editing: Worksheets Entering Data Editing Data Undo & Re Do Deleting Data Deleting Columns & Rows Inserting Columns & rows Change Column Width.

Module 4 Automated Features:  AutoComplete Auto Fill Module 5 Formulas & Functions Basic Formulas Basic Functions:- Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count, Counta Using the Function Wizard Relative Cell Referencing Basic Absolute Cell referencing.

Module 6 Formatting:  Cells Font Formatting Conditional Formatting Formatting $ % Decimals Using Clear Format Using Clear all Using Format Painter Merge Cells, Text Wrap Apply Borders Cut, Copy, Paste Paste Special :- Keep source column width.

Module 7 Printing:  Work in Page Break Preview Insert page breaks Set headers to repeat Understand Page Setup settings Print – Selection.

Customized courses:

We also specialize in customizing courses to suite you, pick the topics that are relevant for your work environment.

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