Outlook Course


Time Management with Outlook

Everyone in the business world uses Outlook, it’s your emailing tool but did you know you can create auto text, use styles, and tables. You can create shortcuts to folders you file away into all the time. Even file away messages before you hit that send button, saving you from visiting the sent items folder and then filing away.

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Pre requisite

Duration:1 Day (8:30 am – 3:30 pm)

To be able to send/receive and manipulate email efficiently. Create calendar entries efficiently.

Have Mouse Skills, an awareness of keys on keyboard e.g.: Shift, spacebar, and Enter key.

Some practical application for the course attending.  A need to improve efficiency with messages and calendar.


Module 1 Getting Started: Outlook Structure,Mail etiquette,Tabs & Ribbons,Customizing the Quick Access toolbar,Create Signatures.

Module 2 Messages: Create a Message,View messages,Mark as Read/Unread,Delete,Re send,Formatting Messages,Use Voting Buttons,Message Options,Use Flag for Follow up,.

Module 3 Folders,Create a Folder/ sub folders,Delete,Move files,Tools,Out Of Office,Manage Rules,.

Module 4 Address Book: View Contacts,Add Contact,Create a Group,Modify a Group,Add to contacts from email,Create Categories.

Module 5 Calendar: Create an Appointment,Meeting,Schedule bar,Reoccurring,Reply to invitations,Reminders,Move a calendar entry.

Module 6 Notes & Tasks: Create a Task,Assign a Task,Modify a Task,Delete,Create Notes,Delete,Change Colour place.

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