Word Course


Word Introduction

Some people underestimate the power of Microsoft Word because we now use outlook for our basic letter writing. However, did you know that if you are writing a comprehensive email you can use word features like styles to create a consistency in your headings, tables, Auto Text (Quick Parts) and more. Word is great for anything over 5 pages long Meeting minutes, setting up processes and procedures, Proposals, Contracts, Documentation that requires graphs and pictures.

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Pre requisite

Duration:1 Day (8:30am – 3:30 pm)

To gain understanding of the potential of word. Be able to create a basic document apply formatting and print successfully

Have Mouse Skills, an awareness of keys on keyboard e.g.: Shift, spacebar, and Enter key

Some practical application for the course attending. Need a general overview of Word processing.


Module 1 When to use Word: Opening a File, Different views,Creating a New Document, Navigating and Selecting Text techniques.Saving.

Module 2 Understanding different Cursors:  Selecting Text, Delete Text, Over type, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo & Re Do.

Module 3 Text Formatting:  Font, Format Painter, Background, Change Case.

Module 4 Paragraph Formatting:  Spacing, Alignment, Paragraph Indenting, Bullets & Numbering, Borders & Shading.

Module 5 Printing: Page Setup, Insert Page Breaks, Using Header & Footer, Print Preview.

Module 6 Proofing Tools:  Send To, Flag for Follow up, Spell check, Gamma
Auto Correct, Find & Replace.

Word Intermediate

Word Advanced

Customized courses: We also specialize in customizing courses to suite you, pick the topics that are relevant for your work environment.


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